Apply and Check TNPDS Tamilnadu Smart Ration Card Status Online

How to apply and check TNPDS  (Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card status online at

Hello friend, if you are wondering or finding how to apply the Tnpds means Tamil Nadu Smart ration card and how to find the tnpds smart card status or tnpds smart card, how to find the smart card Tamilnadu all the details you can find in this post. Please do not worry it is very simple only you need to only see the entire post and follow the steps which I mention here.

smart card tamilnadu tnpds

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How to apply for the smart card in Tamilnadu

  • First steps to apply for the smart card tnpds you need to open the official website of Tamil Nadu government made for the public distribution system department. If you do not have the website then click the

ration card status

  • Once you reach this website then you can show this website is in the Tamil language. If you do not understand the Tamil language you will find English word in the top of the screen right side click on that.
  • Once you reach this website you will be found the smart card application services in below the link you will be found smart card application click on the link. If you do not found this link then this link is located at the right side on the screen below the menu option.

tnpds ration card apply online

  • After the click on this link then you will show the application form. Yes, this is an application form of the smart card application form.

tnpds ration card application form

  • In the top of the form, you will be found the radio option select the proper radio option. If you are the new smart card application then click on the first one otherwise old card enrollment then click on the another option.

type of tnpds application form

  • When you fill the form whether new card or old card enrollment then you need the document required near to you just like if you have the old card, voter id, aadhar card etc.
  • Then you need to fill the form properly. And before submit make sure you are providing accurate details or not. After the finished the filling form you need to some extra work to do that you need to upload extra images  just like the identity proof. For example, you can upload any of one “aadhar card”, “Electricity bill”, “Front page of passbook”, “passport”, “rent agreement” etc.
  • you will find one question that how can I upload I do not have the scanner ? do not worry if you have a smartphone then click the photo of the document and upload it. this website we can upload jpeg, PNG, JPG, GIF image.
  • the uploaded image which you can show in the form you can update it.
  • Remember that once you click on the submit button in the form. Once reference number will be show or message on your mobile number you need to store it in the safe page. This number will help you for tracking application status.

If you did already this above step and want to find the application status tracking and you do not have any idea about it then do not worry  I will also provide the entire details about it.

How to track the application status of TNPDS?

For the application status of Tamil Nadu smart card then do not worry about it. please follow the link which I mention here.

  • You need to first enter the link of TNPDS. If you do not know then a link is
  • When you enter the link you will find the official page of Tamil Nadu government if you are not able to understand the Tamil language then on the top of the website right-hand side, you will find the English word click on that.
  • Right-hand side below the menu option you will find the smart card. click on the second link “application status of the smart card”.
  • Then you need to enter the reference code and you will find your application status online.
  • If you do not find the application status link then simply click on the link which I mention here:
  • Then apply the tnpds smart card reference code or number and submit it.

Smart card tnpds Tamil Nadu Helpline Number

If you have any problem regarding the smart card then do not worried. Tamil nadu government provide the helpline number. Helpline number of Smart card TNPDs is 1800 425 5901 or you need to simply call 1967. Both the number which I mention here is official government number this both numbers will help you for the problem regarding the smart card.

How the tnpds smart card is produced

The main purpose of the smart card is making people easily for the people to get card information under control. This smart card is based on the adhaar information.  This, in turn, established a sensible control for the how data is used and how any one identity can be proven in the card. the Tamil Nadu government is fully responsible for covering the costs associated with the getting the entire program organized.

Reducing Duplicates

The production of this duplication of the card will be stopped. This production of the given information easily to the card holder and also this will be the production of the information of the PDS outlets commodities. The information of the PDS outlets and given the data of the officers. it will be stopped by the wrong billing process. This billing will be process the information of the billing duplication is quite difficult that will be information regarding it.

Procedure for tnpds smart card updating the details

  • When you want to update the smart then the official websites tnpds or  and choose the language which I mention in above this post.
  • Click on “correction of the details”. Under the “the correction of the smart card”. this option is located on the right side of the screen.
  • After the first open this page then the first thing you need to inserts the mobile number. And put the random code which are appear in the screen and submit it.
  • You will be receive an OTP on your mobile number enter this OTP number properly.
  • Select the appropriate option and update the information or image it.
  • Upload the images and correct the information and submit it.
  • You will be receive reference number on mobile and email. Store and keep it safe because it will be needed when you see the what is the status of a smart card of tnpds.
  • After submitted the form successfully, you can track the status of the service request through the link “Status of Request” enter the reference number of an update then you can find the status of a smart card of tnpds.

If you want to change the name in TNPDS smart card or you want to delete the name of TNPDS then follow the below paragraph

TNPDS smart card related services – Annexation / Deletion of Name & change the address.

All the member of TNPDS smart card holder can change the new address and add a new member in your family or delete the family member name.  Then you can easily change of the details.

The member of TNPDS ration card holder need the change then you need to simply follow the details which I gave billow.

Adding a new family member name in the ration card TNPDS

  • You need to insert the new memory member then you need to open the link which I describe above.
  • Click on the Add member link which are located on the right side in the box of the smart card Retaliated services
  • You need to insert the required information which needs on the site.

Delete a family member in ration card TNPDS

  • Open the official site and click on the right-hand side “ smart card related services “ and in it “Remove the family member list”.
  • then you need to enter registration number enter the details which are necessary and submit.

Address changing in tnpds smart card

To the change new address changing into tnpds smart card related services. Then you need to click on the smart card related services  under “change the address smart”

This all the online services you need to keep update yourself always check the status regarding it and if you find any problem then above in this page I described the helpline number contact on this number and getting information and make complain about it.

I hope you will like my article thanks a lot.

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