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Ration Card Karnataka

Jay hind friend today we will come the new topic regarding The State of Karnataka government started a new mission regardinhg the ration card in the state of karnataka. Dear friends, as you know that the ration card is one of the important document which is used in many fields. The ration card is the one of the most important document because ration card is widely used in many field. It is used for taking food and civil supply from the Ration distribution shops. Another use of Ration card is it is widely used as a permenat proof of racident of India. many places the Ration card is needed for the documentation of your identity .  The Main use of Ration Card you can get food and civil product less then market rates.  In this article, I will infome you  how to see the Karnataka ahara ration card list 2020?  for this, you need the read enitre article still the end.

  • Karnataka APL ration card.
  • BPL Ration card Karnataka
  • Karnataka Antyodaya Ration Card.

ahara Ration Card Category Details

Now we talk about the Ration card distribution system is mostly divided according to the family income, the net worth of the family and other paramiter are also effiectively. Here I try to giving information about the ahara’s ration card details regarding ahara APL ration card , Ahara BPL Ration Card , Ahara Antyodaya Ration card of karnataka then here I will given to you short information Regarding it.

Those person have the Ration card of karnataka goverment which have Karnataka APL Ration card which means their person’s family income is financial stable. that menas those person who have the APL Ration card which family income is above the poverty lines. Those people can get the basic facility form the Ration card Karnataka.

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The person who have Karnataka Goverment Ration card of BPL that means those person family income is below the poverty line. BPL Ration card will be got most of the benefits which are given in the foods and civil supply department karnataka state. If you have a BPL Ration card then you are eligible for taking low-cost rice, wheat, sugar , dal, kerosene oil, cooking oil like mustard and refined oil.

And the third and last category is  antyodaya ration card of Karnataka. Antyoday ration card are distributed to those family who are in the very much poor. those family can not effords thire basic facility  Karnataka state govermentgive them free rice and wheat the perpose behind antydaya family will survive easily.

But the main purpose of given the information in this post if you did not aware about the ration card karnataka’s category then I hope you will be getting information about it.

Now we will come to the point How to get Ration card list 2020 ? In this post, BPL APl and Antyoday families will be check new ration card list

How to check Karnataka Ration Card list 2020 Village wise

Here I will discribe to you the brief information about the Karnataka Ration Card list 2020. If you are ration card holder or not you need to read the entire details. The Karnataka Ration card list 2020 is given you a brief information about it. In this whole distribution system , the Karnataka goverment start uploads the data of beneficiaries, regarding ration card. Normally the category of Ration card which we discussed above which will be given to according to people family income. Normal Families will get APL Ration Card. Below povery line got BPL ration card and those people who are very very poor then they will be got the Antyoday Ration card.

Now you want to visti the food and civil supply of consumer affairs department karnataka official website.

👉 If you want to goes the goverment website then click here on the link https://ahara.kar.nic.in/

👉 when ever you open the website of ahara page then a complete list then the complete list of Karnataka district wise will be appear on your screen.


👉 Then you need to click on the District list for example we will click on BAGALKOTE


👉 Now after the click on the District you will shows the list of Taluka then you need to click on the taluka Name for example we will click on BADAMI.

👉 The is the next step for check Karnataka Ration card list 2020 village wise.

ration card Karnataka

👉 You need to select the village name . Now the list of ration card holder name will be appear on your screen .

👉 Now a complete list of ration card holder name and number wise TRC/ PRC  number  wil be appear in front of you.

👉 Now click on Your TRC/ PRC no and click on it.

👉 If you want to download the Ration card list then you can download it but you need to follow one process of varification.

👉 In verification, you need to select with OTP number or without OTP number.

ahara.kar.nic.in status👉 When ever you select the OTP number then one OTP massage will come to you  register mobile number which you need to provide in your website.

ration card status

👉 If you click on without OTP number then you need to enter the Ration card number .

ration card status 2019

👉 Now you can download your ration card details. and print it.

Karnataka Ration Card  stutus online

You need to go to the official website of karnataka for goes to official website then you need to click on the https://ahara.kar.nic.in/lpg/ 

After you click on the page you will be show the Karnataka Ration Card status 2020 is mentioned division wise.  This division will be given below

  1. Bengaluru District
  2. Kalamburagi / Bengaluru Division (for Urban and Rular)
  3. Belagavi /Mysuru Division

Above these division select one of the division in which your disrtict is come.

When you click on the division then food and civil supplu and consumer affirs ministry  portal has been open. then you will be see many option which are mention below.

👉 Check Karnataka ration card application status.

👉 Status of your ration card.

👉 Ration card Karnataka Amendment request status.

👉 UID linking of RC number.

👉 Denial of Ration – Registration

👉 Attendance for vigilance committee meeting Registration.

all the option you will be seen, you need to click on the status of the ration card . then you need to select any of one 1. with OTP verify 2. with out OTP verify.

select the appropriate option then you can check the status of karnataka.

here in this post, I will given to you how to download ration card ? and how to download ration card status with the help of ahara karnataka website . I hope you will able to downloaded the status of Ration card jay hind jay bhaarat.

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